Get masks to our front lines!

$50 donated buys material and offsets shipping costs to make 25 fabric masks for frontline essential workers and the general public, which will preserve manufactured masks for healthcare workers.

Who We Are

The Masks Now Coalition was founded out of need at the start of the pandemic. At first, several smaller groups popped up to get masks to those in need, but we soon realized we were stronger together and joined forces. We are a collaborative effort of volunteers working to support local teams of makers in an effort to alleviate the demand for manufactured masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What We Do

The Masks Now Coalition has three main functions. First, we supply volunteers with materials to make masks through at-cost purchasing of fabric, interfacing, and thread. We do this through our 125+ state/regional leads who coordinate 10,000+ volunteers. Secondly, we’ve provided the technological infrastructure to enable those state/regional leads to coordinate with volunteers to track and fulfill mask requests. Finally, we’ve created a streamlined process to enable our volunteers to make and deliver fabric masks. To date, The Masks Now Coalition has built and donated over 250,000 fabric masks to 1,600+ organizations in need.

How Much Money Do We Need?

In order to keep supplying masks to those in need for the rest of 2020 and the beginning of the new year we need $5,000.

What Will We Use The Money For?

We will use the money donated for our operation costs and the costs it takes to ship masks from our sewists to the organizations in need.

Created for Crisis (CFC), a founding member of the MasksNow Coalition, will be taking donations for the Coalition so your receipt will be coming from them. It’s a nonprofit incorporated in North Carolina with an application pending for a 501c3 tax exempt organization.

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