About Us

Mission Statement & Core Values

Our mission with MasksNOW is to enable everyone to wear a mask to save lives, improve our economy and restore our nation to caring greatness. Through our core values of service, collaboration, community, integrity, and empathy, we have organized to match volunteer sewists to ongoing needs in our communities, and we are working towards normalizing mask wearing in public through our public relations and social media outreach. We have brought together a diverse group of experts in healthcare, manufacturing, non-profit, volunteer coordination, politics, public relations, social media and technology to enable us to solve these unique challenges.

Our History

The Masks Now Coalition was founded when hundreds of volunteers in America, acting individually, started to make masks together to raise our country’s viral resistance to the spread of coronavirus. They joined forces to make an umbrella organization to handle the thorny design and logistical questions involved in massively distributed mask production to make sure those in need can get face masks.

Led by nineteen organizers directing almost 12,000 volunteers who banded together in response to the urgent national shortage in personal protective equipment (PPE) brought on by the novel coronavirus outbreak in America, The Masks Now Coalition has volunteers in every state, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico ready to answer the call from over 2,200 organizations including almost 700 health facilities in 42 states which have made public appeals for homesewn masks.

Mask makers, a physician, logistics and IT experts, creators, former federal officials, and artists converged quickly to form The Masks Now Coalition under the umbrella of the Democratic Coalition, a national political advocacy group. Coalition partner Created for Crisis developed a 3-layer mask pattern, bringing together the best elements of circulating patterns into a design which is quick and easy to sew.

Coalition Partners

The Masks Now Coalition’s Steering Committee:

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