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What is The Masks Now Coalition?

The Masks Now Coalition is a grassroots movement of volunteers and their groups, led by nineteen organizers directing over 11,900 volunteers who banded together in response to the urgent national shortage of masks brought on by the novel coronavirus outbreak in America.

We’ve got volunteers in every state, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico ready to answer the call from over 2,200 organizations including more than 600 hospitals in 42 states which have made public appeals for homesewn masks.

In an effort to help curb medical supply shortages as we battle COVID-19, we are requesting sewists to make masks and other supplies for use by patients, healthcare workers, at-risk community members, and essential workers, including postal workers, grocery store workers, manufacturing personnel, and more.

That’s why we’re looking for volunteers to sew masks and handle the logistics of distribution in every state, DC, and Puerto Rico.